Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gumball Multiplication Challenge

  “Gumball Multiplication”
            Basic Facts for Multiplication Incentive Plan

Working on your basic facts can be rewarding in more ways than one.  Keep practicing your basic facts.  We will be checking the progress of your basic facts in class.

The third grade Iowa Core Curriculum standards place a strong emphasis on students knowing their basic multiplication facts by the end of third grade.  Students sometimes need something to motivate them to work on their facts.  Therefore, I have a plan. 

The plan-
Starting this week, students can request to be tested on any of the 1 through 10 multiplication fact families.  Each time they get it right in the amount of time allowed, they will get a piece of gum to chew the following afternoon in the classroom.  If they do not get them right, they can continue working and testing on that family until they do get them all right in the time allowed.  We will keep a “Gumball Multiplication” chart in our take-home folders to keep track of what each student has mastered.  The goal is to work through all the facts and get them memorized quickly.  Knowing their multiplication facts will help them so much in their work in math this year!  The first student who masters all of their fact families will be awarded a small gumball machine of their own.  As other students master all of their fact families their names will be entered into a drawing for another gumball machine later this year.

Get Practicing Those Facts!